How To Prepare Your Yard for the Fall

Autumn is on the horizon, which means winter is right around the corner. It’s time to start prepping your yard for the changing seasons! Read on for some helpful tips.


1. Rake up all the leaves.

Fallen foliage might look beautiful, but it can cause some problems for your lawn if not cleaned up—especially if you have a cool-season lawn like Kentucky bluegrass! Whether you prefer to do a little at a time, or you wait until the trees are clear, it’s important to minimize the number of leaves on your lawn. We suggest waiting until they’re dry to make this chore easier! Not a fan of raking? Consider investing in a mulching mower to shred the leaves and turn them into tiny pieces of natural fertilizer instead.


2. Trim your lawn short.

Once the leaves have been dealt with, it’s time to mow your lawn! Trimming it shorter than usual can help reduce the risk of winter fungal diseases or suffocating spring growth. For best results, trim your lawn shorter gradually over time, and don’t trim it shorter than 1.5”.


3. Overseed your lawn, if necessary.

Planting seeds may seem like more of a springtime activity, but when it comes to cool-season lawns, autumn is the best time! Reseeding your lawn can help strengthen thin lawns and repair bare spots. Just be sure to plant the seeds at least a month and a half before the first frost.


4. Water and fertilize your lawn.

Even as the growing season slows down, it’s important to water and fertilize your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will help boost your soil’s nutrient levels, keeping your grass rich and healthy year after year. Speak to an expert at a professional garden center to identify the best fertilizer mix for your type of lawn. Water after fertilizing helps the nutrients penetrate down to the roots. And don’t forget to drain and put your hoses away before they freeze!


5. Have your gutters cleaned.

Leaves, twigs, and other debris can build up in your gutters and lead to clogs if not cleaned regularly. A clogged drainpipe will prevent water from draining properly—and it may even start leaking inside your home. Don’t feel like spending your weekend climbing up and down a ladder to clean out your gutters? Give our team a call; we’re happy to help!


6. Clean up your home’s exterior.

Fall is a great time for fresh starts! Before you put away your summer patio furniture and break out the fall decor, give your patio, deck, and home exterior a good cleaning. Regularly removing built-up dirt not only makes your home look great, but it can also help prolong your home’s exterior’s lifespan!

At Clean It Up, our goal is to help you take care of the “dirty work” so you can focus your energy where it matters most: spending time with your family! We’re proud to provide home and business owners in Kentucky with professional pressure washing services. Give us a call or grab a free estimate today!

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